high-quality electronics for 
Industrial products


Kitron is a leading Scandinavian Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) company
with a strong foothold in the Industry sector. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures that
we meet the highest market standards.


Reliable Electronics for Industrial Applications






Kitron supplies high-performance electronics for industrial applications, such as:

  • Electronic control and central process units
  • Control units for robots and feeder systems for SMT machines
  • Vehicle control systems
  • Recycling and vending equipment
  • Interactive hotel systems


...and many more.

Why Choose Kitron?

Global Presence with Regional Expertise

We have operations in Nordics & North America, Central & Eastern Europe, and Asia Pacific. In each of these regions, we tailor our offerings to suit the local needs best.


Long-Term Experience & Vast Know-How
We have been supplying electronics to the Industry sector for over forty years. Decades of experience and a full range of services make Kitron an ideal EMS partner. We can serve as a specialized unit of your organization, providing the necessary expertise and technical resources to bring your innovations to life.
Customer-Centric Approach
Our team works closely with our customers. Each customer has a single point of contact and direct access to a cross-functional team of specialists, leveraging Kitron's know-how and resources. Our primary focus is on ensuring product quality while optimizing costs and speeding up time to market.


Services Across the Entire Value Chain

Kitron provides services within the entire value chain of electronics manufacturing for the Industry sector.


Partner with Kitron to transform the industry landscape!

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Kitron ASA
P O Box 97, NO-1375 Billingstad, Norway
Tel: +47 66 10 00 00

Kitron is a leading Scandinavian EMS company for the Connectivity, Electrification, Industry, Medical Devices and Defence/Aerospace sectors. The group has locations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, India, China, Malaysia, and the United States. With about 2,500 highly skilled employees, Kitron manufactures and delivers anything from fully assembled electronic circuit boards to complete end products for customers globally.