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Kitron is a leading Scandinavian Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) company. Medical Devices is one of the core sectors in which Kitron supports the diffusion of new technology. We combine innovation and quality-assured processes to meet the highest market demands.


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Why Choose Kitron?

Specialised customer team, single point of contact


Kitron has a specialised customer team that focuses on the development and manufacturing of medical devices.

We work closely with our customers throughout the product development process. Our team offers manufacturing expertise, as well as knowledge of quality assurance and regulatory requirements specific to medical devices.

You will always have a dedicated point of contact - from the initial concept studies through the development and industrialisation process to manufacturing, testing, and delivery to the end customer.


Quality & Expertise

Kitron's ISO 13485 certificate demonstrates professionalism and expertise in following the requirements for a comprehensive quality management system
to design and manufacture medical devices.

Kitron is also compliant with the 21 CFR 820 Quality System Regulation for medical devices.

Services across the Entire Value Chain

Kitron provides services within the entire value chain of electronics production for medical devices.

Cases of Success

Partnering for a Million Lives: Kitron and Laerdal Work Together for Lifesaving Products

Kitron's partnership with Laerdal dates back to 1994. From Kitron factories in Kaunas, Lithuania, and Suzhou, China, we have been producing electronics for Laerdal for over two decades. This partnership covers a wide range of products, including medical devices like portable Laerdal Suction Unit (LSU4000) used to remove fluids, secretions, or other obstructions from a patient's airway to maintain clear breathing passages, and famous Laerdal simulation mannequins like SimMan, Premature Anne, and others. 

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Aiming to Prevent Stroke with Appsens' Heart Sensor

Appsens has collaborated with Kitron to develop ECG247, an advanced heart sensor product designed to detect heart fibrillation early and prevent strokes. The innovation, developed with researchers from the University of Agder and Sørlandet Hospital Arendal, provides continuous heart rate monitoring, with instant app notifications alerting users of irregularities. Kitron's fully automated production line and partnership with local institutions have played a significant role in bringing this impactful product to life in Southern Norway. 

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Turning the Impossible into Reality with Getinge

During the COVID-19 pandemic, medical device companies faced a dramatic demand surge for essential equipment, especially ventilators. Kitron and Getinge, a global medical technology company, united their strengths to address these challenges and accelerate ventilator production. While the challenge initially seemed unachievable due to supply chain issues and manufacturing constraints, the exceptional dedication and team spirit at Kitron and Getinge lead to the rapid expansion of manufacturing capacity in Kitron's China factory. 

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Kitron is a leading Scandinavian electronics manufacturing services company for the Connectivity, Electrification, Industry, Medical Devices and Defence/Aerospace sectors. The group is located in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, India, China, Malaysia, and the United States. With about 2,500 highly skilled employees, Kitron manufactures and delivers anything from fully assembled electronic circuit boards to complete end products for customers globally.